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medical students are our future physicians

they need our support today!

The Future of Medicine is in our hands. We must reach scholars early to identify their academic prowess, enhance their studying skills and keep them motivated to stay the course. We’re here to support their career path to medicine and create inclusive spaces for future physicians.


PWT offers student mentorship and scholarships to support the next generation of outstanding physicians.


We can get them there together, But we need your support.  Your donation will help us impact the future of medicine!

Future doctors need assurance, and medical students need support. That’s our cause at Physicians Working Together, to connect, collaborate, and care for physicians, medical students, and the communities that we serve. 


Donate here or via Cash App $4PWT. PWT is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit organization. All contributions are eligible for tax deduction.



Physicians, Medical Students, and Communities

Our Mission

Physicians Working Together, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 2015 by Dr. Kimberly Funches Jackson in Columbus, GA. Our overarching mission is to foster CONNECTION, COLLABORATION, and CARE among physicians, medical students, and communities.

Our social responsibility is to increase equity in healthcare careers. 



What We Do?

Physicians Working Together, Inc. provides an inviting space that encourages innovative change in our healthcare system and equal access to healthcare career opportunities.


PWT also provides medical career resources, physician advocacy, virtual mentorship for medical students, and an annual medical student scholarship contest. We’re here to bridge the gap in the mentorship relationship between veterans and future physicians.



Why We Do It?

In response to the critical need for veteran physicians' engagement in education, we established the Future Physicians of America program.


Our mission is twofold: to combat the decline in the physician population and foster the growth of future healthcare leaders. Through a mentorship program, seasoned physicians actively support and encourage medical students, playing a pivotal role in their development.


Additionally, PWT provides scholarships to further empower the next generation of physicians. Our non-profit programs offer innovative and measurable approaches to education, contributing to a sustainable healthcare system.


Our Community Is Growing!

Connect and discuss with other physicians, share your story, get support and advice specific to your situation.

Visit our blog!
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PWT Member Testimonials

dr joy_edited

“Physicians Working Together keeps me tuned in to various physician groups working on maintenance of certification, the scope of practice issues, drug prices, gun violence, and more. Work keeps me busy, but Physicians Working Together helps me stay connected and up to date on topics all physicians should be aware of." Dr. Joy Skaug, Family Medicine Physician Jonesboro, AR


There was a real need to establish a forum for physicians across all specialties to discuss real issues from our point of view, with our patients in mind. The physicians in PWT don’t necessarily have one identical voice; rather, we come together as a network of support to voice our common concerns; not just to be heard but to be regarded. Dr. Marie Jhin MD Board Certified Dermatologist Premier Dermatology and Dermatology Medical Group San Francisco and San Carlos


PWT is vital as we move forward from just talking about the problems with our healthcare system to finding solutions. We must be involved in policy and advocacy that impacts our patients and ourselves. Dr. Bande Virgil Pediatric Hospitalist Columbus Regional Hospital Columbus, GA


PWT is a powerful forum for physicians from all specialties across the United States to come together and voice their concerns and raise awareness. This is why I joined. We cannot do it alone and our voices need to be heard. Dr. Jason Hoover Radiologist Bridgeway Diagnostics Center Phenix City, AL


Doctors from every specialty weigh in and give advice out of the goodness of their hearts. I’ve been able to have conversations with physicians around the country who have the same problems, many who have come up with ingenius solutions. I feel empowered to do what I was trained to do as a family physician. Dr. Antonio Funches Family Physician LGH/Penn Medicine Urgent Care Lancaster, PA

physicians working together


Physicians Working Together is dedicated to connecting, collaborating, and caring for physicians, medical students and the communities that we serve. As medical forerunners, we embrace the inherent responsibility to help future physicians become successful on their journey to the finish line.

Physicians Working Together provides helpful medical resources, physician advocacy, medical student mentoring, and scholarships. It’s no secret that medical school is expensive, and the rates continue to climb. Beyond the scope of tuition costs, medical students are faced with a list of additional financial obligations that include lab costs, textbooks, testing fees, and the list goes on.

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Lauren Senkbeil
Charles Baker - 2021 Winner.png
2020 Medical PWT Student Scholarship Win

PWT is dedicated to empowering medical students by keeping them on track for success.  The non-profit organization features a Medical Student Mentorship Program that educates and inspires future healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities that they will need to overcome today’s challenges and embrace tomorrow’s trends. 

The Physicians Working Together Medical Student Scholarship Fund helps recipients relieve a portion of medical students' financial burdens. We feature an annual contest during National Physicians Week that provides a financial stipend to selected medical students each year.


With an effort to combat burnout, the online competition helps medical students take a moment away from the pressures of their coursework during the celebratory week. Participants are encouraged to submit a short video that displays their artistic talents and abilities.


The entries are received up to and during National Physicians Week (March 25-31) and the winners are announced in April.


Support our future physicians today!

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