Age discrimination

Some want to retire at 65, while others are forced, relegating many viable older adults to the trash heap.  This may be age discrimination.
There is fear older workers might compete for jobs with whiz kids, yet both bring to the table different skill-sets needed in the 21st century.
Why should anyone be forced to retire because they reach a certain concocted age?  Many have acquired useful experience in their careers that give them purpose later in life.  
As a housecall doctor, I have a game plan to fend off retirement:
When I am less mobile and can’t drive, I will have a self-driving, red-cross-labelled van  “staffed” with a robot possessing attached TV screen and speakers.   My robot will be armed with a stethoscope and other modern medical data-collecting devices as I sit at home and examine remotely a patient miles away.
Whiz kids can develop this technology, and I can use my skills and experience to still practice medicine.  
My greatest fear:  When a red-cross-labelled van pulls up in front of my home… to do a housecall on me!
Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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