Aging in Place

We must ensure seniors remain in their homes for as long as they and their loved ones feel comfortable and safe.

The cost of institutionalizing older Americans is prohibitive, and worse, the psychologic impact is devastating. 

Doing housecalls over thirty years, I have learned how older adults sustain themselves in their home.   As well, there are many innovators on the internet who focus on seniors aging in place.  Therefore, here are some recommendations to create “Age-Friendly” homes for seniors:

  • Single story;
  • minimal steps inside and outside unit;
  • ramp adaptable front and back door;
  • wheelchair compatible doors, hallways, and floors;
  • motion detector lights; 
  • padded floors (like used in gyms) better protecting someone who might fall;
  • bathroom grab bars;
  • roll-in showers; 
  • emergency pull-cords in high fall-risk areas;
  • interactive in-home voice command centers easily turning on and off lights and appliances;
  • automatic timed medication dispensers;
  • WiFi accessible for cameras and monitoring, with potential use of robots.

Technology will allow much more.
Communities that are building and expanding should give incentives to developers creating “Age-Friendly” homes.  

As we age, “Home Sweet Home” should be our mantra.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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