An American right: Snippets from the frontline

Hospitals compete against each other for your healthcare. Full page ads tout their newest, cleanest, safest facility with the best doctors, latest technology, and quality statistics.

Some larger institutes do outshine others technologically, but basically they’re all the same mounting public relations campaigns to gain your confidence and claim your insurance dollar.

It is the American way to make money off citizens who are ill and desperate, with the business plan to reap profits in return for cut-rate care.

You don’t know the hidden secrets of what goes on in hospital back rooms as profiteers increase their salaries, bonuses, and retirement packages while capitalizing on your attempt to receive worthy medical care.

But healthcare is an American right.

Every citizen should be allowed equal opportunity receiving care. Don’t let any business person, political party, or hospital administrator tell you or your family any different. Personal health is a reflection of national health, allowing our country to move forward and compete in the world marketplace.

Without it, we will be a mere vestige of a once great nation.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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