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Telemedicine Portal

Stay connected with patients at home!

Connect, Collaborate, Care!

Physicians Working Together is working diligently to protect patients, physicians and other healthcare workers by creating solutions that will help everyone stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In these unprecedented times, front line healthcare workers are working day and night to protect our country from the dangers of Coronavirus. We are doing our part to stop the spread and are excited to share our new initiative; the PWT Telemedicine Portal.  Via the portal, we are providing the public with the ease of access to PWT members and supporters who offer telemedicine.

We are dedicated to connecting, collaborating, and caring for our members, their patients and our communities. We hope this program can benefit both physicians and patients during this time and in the future.  

Join our Telemedicine Portal today! 

Thank you!

One of our team members will contact you to complete your ad!

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