Crime scene: Snippets from the frontline

Hospitals should do no harm. But when administrators intentionally and maliciously create a dangerous environment, the hospital is a crime scene.

I’ve been on the frontline for almost 40 years and seen this evolve. Around the country in the 1990s, some hospitals and their legal teams jointly developed a game plan of self-serving greed affecting patients sometimes resulting in death.

The plan took over Board of Directors and physician Medical Staff dangling money and swaying votes. Doctor whistleblowers were rooted out using false accusations of “code of conduct”, “corrective actions”, breech of confidentiality, and sham peer review.

Hospitals used massive PR to put a tidy spin on their efforts and hid adverse statistics. Patients were dying while hospital administrators skimmed monies off the top.

Now, evidence of this crime scene is prevalent, but the only way it can come to the public’s eye is either through doctor exposure, or lawsuits. In both ways, these hospitals have full financial control over doctors, and sic legal teams against patients and family members seeking recourse.

Doctors can save your life; hospital administrators can kill you.

Look carefully to see whether your hospital has created a crime scene.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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