Daylight savings preventive care (Snippets from the frontline)

She got on a stool to change the clock and fell, breaking her hip.
From that point on “fall back in Fall” took on new meaning for Phyllis as she had surgery and received rehab.
It effected her quality of life with decreased mobility, but at least she remained at home where she could still see the clock high on the wall above her dining room table.
I started making housecalls after that, and made sure she had a scheduled visit the Monday after daylight savings so I could use a stool to change the clock.  
Fast forward 25 years.
Waiting for me was Phyllis with a hammer.  She diplomatically told me “Dr. Dorio, last year I noticed you still have the spring to spring forward, but now have my fear of falling backward.”  With that and at her direction, I took the clock down with the nail, and placed it lower where both of us could reach it without using a stool.
Voila, preventive medical care for patient and doctor.
Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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