Death panels exist (Snippets from the frontline)

Our mother is in her nineties and went to the emergency room for the stomach flu.  Before we arrived, the ER had already put her on hospice.  Fortunately, my brother and I are palliative and hospice physicians, so the near-fatal misdiagnosis was corrected and the IV morphine stopped. 
If we were not specialists in this field, she would be dead.  What about families that don’t have someone in the profession?  How many have died?
Death panels are making these decisions.  
Hospitals often target elder patients funneling them from the ICU into palliative then end-of-life hospice care without medical justification.  
Insurance companies stamp “Denied” on testing, hospitalization, and services despite a patient’s doctor plea for further care.
Pharmaceuticals companies inflate prices beyond the reach of the average citizen, as they tell physicians who gets what medicine.
Medical decisions are being made by healthcare businesses resulting in the demise of patients for the sole purpose of greed and profit, yet justified as a means to rein in costs.  
Death panels exist, and must be exposed and confronted.
Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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