Elmer and Edie

He was born and raised in Tennessee, married his high school sweetheart, fought in WWII on a battleship, and returned with a Purple Heart.  
I first met Elmer on a housecall, and he told me with a twang, “We came to Santa Clarita after the war and shared many memories at home together.”  Married 62 years, Edie was ill laying in bed with a photo of Elmer on the nightstand by her side, and one of Edie on his.
When she passed away, Elmer was tightly grasping her hand trying to keep her soul from leaving, and after wiping his tears, he gently hugged her.
The next few months brought failing health to Elmer with poor nutrition and despair.  He developed pneumonia requiring hospitalization with antibiotics and breathing treatments.  On the sixth hospital day, he was miraculously better.

“I feel stronger and want to go home.”  He was discharged in the morning, so I went to see him in the evening. 
I found him in bed hugging the photo of Edie; he had passed away. 
Elmer and Edie were at home together again.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.
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