Fast Food

My 97 year old mother loves fast food.  Is it good for her?  Easy answer:  She’s 97 years old.

Every other weekend, I pick her up and she stays overnight with us.  As at her home, she has trouble with the TV remote, the microwave oven, but more difficult is putting up with the “healthy” food we eat.  

Yes, certified organic, natural, balanced food groups, minimally processed, antioxidant-rich, free-range, without pesticide and antibiotics.  We manage portions, as she does also. 

One weekend, she insisted on 3 fast-food visits which I shared with her.  Boy, was I sick!

Her treat is picking up her favorite hamburgers on the way home.  It is a 50 minute ride in LA traffic, and after we get two burgers through the drive-thru, she has inhaled one before arriving home.  Politely she always says, “I’ll save the second for dinner.”

Inevitably, after dropping her off and I’m driving away, she waves goodbye while biting into her second burger.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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