hospice and palliative care:

Dear Family, Friends, and Colleagues: 

Steve Lopez, columnist for the Los Angeles Times, has a story today profiling my work in hospice and palliative care:


The healthcare industry has intentionally made end-of-life care confusing, and sometimes it is to gain advantage over patients and families who might be suffering.  If hospitals and hospice agencies were serving the best interest of the patient, I would be satisfied.  But they are not, and the basis is sometimes greed.

Having a sound understanding of end-of-life care is critically important, but does not always exist.  Therefore, deficiencies must be brought to light.
Please read the article and make a comment at the end (red boxed).  The LA Times and the community must rally to assure when we arrive at hospice, it is provided appropriately, with honesty and empathy, so no one at end-of-life suffers.

Thank you to Steve Lopez for spotlighting this important medical subject.

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