Medicare Part D is a government prescription plan enacted to help seniors pay for medication, but was written by pharmaceutical lobbyists.  
It is intentionally confusing with many pitfalls including “doughnut holes” to insure drug companies make their profit.  Legislators passed Medicare Part D, yet don’t live under the law.  As a matter-of-fact, Congresspeople don’t even live under Medicare when they turn 65.
Medicare has served seniors as a safety net since 1964, but there are countless navigating difficulties adversely affecting patients and doctors.  
A cry is now heard to fix national healthcare (it does need fixing) and replace it with Medicare-for-all.  Other systems have been touted including single-payer or socialized medicine, but whatever the label, our nation needs a plan allowing Americans to be healthy and compete in the world marketplace.
To assure a fair adequate healthcare system, we must first demand special interest lobbyists don’t write the laws, and once enacted, Congresspeople must live under the laws they make.
The safety net should protect everyone equally, without anyone falling though doughnut holes.
Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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