Muzzling the best and brightest

Some of the best and brightest have become doctors.
In the realm of medical advancement, physicians have voiced opinions continually raising the technology bar improving healthcare in our country.
Over the past decade, I have seen a silencing of opinions as many have come under control of hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, and insurance companies.   Doctors are now subservient to contracts, act as spokespeople, and manipulate statistics denying care on behalf of profiteers.
Because they fear severing their financial umbilical cord, voices once heard are now quiet, shunning their moral and ethical responsibility to patients who suffer in despair and hopelessness.
Some of the best and brightest have chosen a different path forging self-serving interest without regard to the oath they have taken.
I hope those honorable physicians who live with a conscious can free themselves and elevate their voice to again raise the bar of our healthcare system.
Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.
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