National Physicians’ Week

It’s 2018!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re so excited to present our third annual National Physician’s Week!

2018 marks the third year of this important celebration – a time to recognize physicians’ commitment to patient care.

“My first thoughts for PWT was to find a way to unify all physicians under an umbrella organization that was blind to specialty or experience level,” says Dr. Jackson, Founder of Physicians Working Together (PWT). “Once I did that, I saw that there were thousands of physicians across the world that had the same goal – to unify the public with the practice while highlighting the sacrifices, the dedication, and the triumphs of the physician. With thousands in our group and millions more outside of it, it was hard to believe that we only had one day to acknowledge it. I’m overjoyed that we’ve been able to make it to our third week-long celebration! It gets better every year”

But we’re still young, and, like last year, in an effort to “spread the word” and continue celebrating the greatness of our physicians, we invite you to join us in the fun stuff – competitions and prizes! But, this year, we’re also offering something new! Keep scrolling!

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Virtual Conference

Prizes Offered

This year, many of our sponsors have returned for a third time to dish out some awesome prizes for our winners. Check back soon to see what you can win and how you can win it!

National Physicians Week

…was not always a week. Rather, this celebration merely lasted a day. Here and gone within 24 hours. But physicians are on the clock longer than that. And, during that time, it’s not your typical romanticized Grey’s Anatomy love and happiness with action in between. This action is constant. This action is in the emergency room, the private room of a private practice or free clinic, even in the office. It’s the long nights and long days that seem everlasting – sacrificing personal time to help those in need every part of the day.

And so, National Physicians Week was created to extend the time to acknowledge and appreciate those in the line of duty for just a little longer. 2018 marks the third year of the extended celebration.

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