Rough draft of a new US healthcare plan

-Everyone will be insured.-Coverage throughout the US.

-Freedom to choose your doctor and hospital.

-No pre-existing condition exclusions.

 -Legislators must live under the same healthcare laws as their constituents.

-Everyone will carry a secured healthcare card to insure identity, and  computerization will be uniform so encrypted medical records can easily  be accessed anywhere in the country.

New immigrants need to show they are paying taxes to be eligible.

-Doctors will be paid with a swipe of the card, and payments  standardized based on population served.

-Malpractice claims will be removed from the court system and a peer/citizen panel     developed to evaluate poor outcomes.

-Medication will be generic, but everyone has equal ability to receive new or   experimental drugs.

-Dental care, glasses, and hearing aids will be provided.

-Increase the primary care physician workforce by fast-tracking qualified nurses, PAs, and NPs toward MD degrees.

It can be partially financed by eliminating fraud (over $80 billion in Medicare alone) and money going into profiteer pockets, while guided by honest economists.

If patients or providers cheat, they go to jail.
Don’t let politicians or special interest decide this for us.

Other countries do it, why can’t we?

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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