Too-big-to-fail should go to jail

Thousands and thousands died.  Many suffered along with their families.  Homicide charges were never filed, and only a slap of the hand was given as punishment.

The opioid crisis continues while business gets away with murder.

Too-big-to-fail pharmaceutical companies are finally admitting guilt in their scheme to get Americans addicted.  They are willing to pay victims, but only to a limited extent as they threaten bankruptcy.

If you are young, poorly educated, or a person of color, you can be imprisoned decades for carrying a few ounces of marijuana.  Use a gun and commit a crime, you can be locked up forever.  What about white collar crime, where instead of a gun, greed is the weapon?  In the opioid crisis, no real bullets, still people die.

We should all face the same consequence if we commit a crime.

What if everyone was allowed to pay a fine in lieu of prison?  In reality, we know those backed by money escape incarceration.

Thousands and thousands died.  Too-big-to-fail should go to jail.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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