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Physicians Gather to Host Successful Town Hall

Rhetorical or actual, we’ve all asked questions like “Where’s the doctor?”, “I’ve been here for hours”, “Does my insurance cover it?”. If insurance doesn’t cover it, the response can then be (the ever-so-general, sometimes rhetorical, sometimes not) the most famous question of all – “Are you kidding me?”. Rhetorical or actual, it’s answers and facts that we want, and waiting to the tune of static radio or the recycling of announcements is outdated and tired.

That’s where Physicians Working Together (PWT) has saved the day. On October 1, 2016, PWT presented its first annual Columbus, GA healthcare town hall at the center court of Peachtree Mall. PWT had many other “firsts” sponsored all over the nation during September and October, even one being held that same evening in Pennsylvania. The goal of these town hall meetings is to bring together patients, physicians, other healthcare team members, legislators, and community members and leaders to discuss solutions to the challenges impacting the healthcare industry and patient care. These are opportunities to come face-to-face with those who can answer your daunting questions.

Headed by Dr. Kim Jackson, Founder and President of PWT, the October 1, 2016 event pulled in a multitude of physicians, patients, community organizations and curious citizens alike to the mall’s court to open up discussion. “We are extremely excited to present this historic gathering of the stakeholders in the healthcare industry, from those needing and receiving quality healthcare to those who are committed to providing the best care possible to hopefully bring improvements to the system,” said Dr. Kim Jackson. “Our goal is to give patients and caregivers the opportunity to discuss their concerns about the industry, and doctors can share some of the obstacles they face from their perspective to hopefully establish a level of mutual understanding that will help both advocate more effectively for better choices in the industry and to help create a sustainable and affordable health system that puts patient care first.”

If you are in an area where a town hall is occurring, it is certainly something you don’t want to miss. To support this national initiative, additional PWT affiliates across the country are hosting town hall meetings during the month of October and November.

Physicians Working Together (PWT) is a national grass-roots organization that seeks to educate communities, leaders, and the media on the challenges facing the medical profession and its impact on patient care. The organization also advocates for the physical and mental well-being of physicians in order to facilitate excellent patient care in the communities we serve. Sign up for our newsletter or even better yet, email us us to get involved!

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